HVAC Emergency Spot Coolers Farrell Contracting Solutions

Emergency Portable AC

Summer can be unpredictable, and many businesses can be caught off guard. Don’t stress out if your air conditioner breaks down and you have no way to cool your business. We offer emergency air conditioning rental when you are in sudden need of air conditioning for your business. In most cases, we can deliver and install these units within hours of your call. By minimizing your downtime, you can carry on business as usual in a cool environment. Make sure your business never has to go offline due to temperature fluctuations.

Portable Heaters

Ensuring that you have a comfortable working environment is essential to patient comfort. HVAC failures make it impossible to see patients and can adversely effect labs and diagnostic equipment. Should your heating fail, Farrell Contracting Solutions can help.

A portable heater rental from Farrell Contracting Solutions allows you to control the facility environment, should your heating system fail, avoiding delays and keeping on schedule.  With a portable heater rental from Farrell Contracting Solutions, you can control your environment, keeping moisture and contaminants out and warm, clean, and dry air in.

We offer emergency services if your system goes down including spot coolers and heaters if necessary.