Roof Leak and Repairs

Roof Leak Repair and Replacement Farrell Contracting Solutions

Roof Leaks and Repairs.

There are several causes of leaking roofs. Any roofing has a lifespan and requires maintenance to ensure water tightness.

Common issues with roofs that cause leaks are;

  • Ponding or clogged drainage.
  • Damaged or rotting perimeter flashing
  • Roof Penetrations
  • Membrane damage
  • Roof system age cycle

Water damage is expensive to repair. A leaking roof can cause rot and mold on organic surfaces, rust on structural steel and water damage to interior walls and ceilings.

Farrell Contracting Solutions offers complete roof maintenance and repair.  Adding regular roof maintenance to your building maintenance program will guarantee you get the most life out of your roof and prevent costly cleanups, remediation, and repairs that often accompany leaking roofs.