HVAC Maintenance – an ounce of prevention…

HVAC Service Maintenance Medical Facilities Farrell Contracting Solutions

Preventing HVAC Failures

an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cures.HVAC Service Maintenance Medical Facilities Farrell Contracting Solutions

HVAC Maintenance – a valuable investment in keeping your medical factility running.

Commercial rooftop units, or RTUs, typically last 15-20 years, as long as they’re correctly serviced and maintained. In fact, HVAC contractors in different climates and regions all over the U.S. agree that irregular upkeep is the most problematic issue when it comes to rooftop unit failure.

When it comes to medical facilities, HVAC system failure will stop diagnostic and other medical equipment from functioning and that puts patients at risk, stops a facility from seeing patients and delays care, sometimes with fatal results.

Does your facility have an HVAC maintenance program?

Dirty filters, worn drive belts, and clogged coils will bring down a system very quickly when the outside temperature climes to into the 90’s and above. Additionally, system efficiency suffers significantly from dirty filters and clogged coils, driving your energy costs up considerably.

Preventative maintenance will keep your system running smoothly and efficiently through the dog days of summer.

HVAC Maintenance Contracts

Farrell Contracting Solutions specializes in medical facility maintenance and offers preventative maintenance programs for many of facilities mechanical systems.

Cost effective scheduled maintenance dramatically reduces the need for costly emergency HVAC repairs, reduces your energy costs by keeping your system running at peak efficiency.

Emergency Service

HVAC Emergency Spot Coolers Farrell Contracting SolutionsShould you need emergency service, Farrell Contracting Solutions provides 24/7/365 emergency service. We also have spot chillers for immediate cooling in the event your system is down.

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